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  August 06 | This is a work in progress at this point; I'm just getting things set up and still thinking about what I want to use this space for. The idea at this point is to comment on current art in New York I find interesting, but also to talk some about music, movies and politics.  

I saw some of the last of the summer shows a couple of weeks ago. This is a wall drawing by Terry Haggerty at Sikkema Jenkins & Co. It was part of a show currated by Arturo Herrera. Here's a second piece, below. They both had a nice Op feel (although not in screw your eyeballs out of your head Bridgett Riley way).
  One other highlight that day was a couple of small paintings by Colin Thompson at Andrew Kreps. Here's one of them, below. Transparency is an issue in my own work lately, so I was quite interested in the clear simple way he handles it.
  In July, I saw the Thomas Scheibitz show at Tonya Bonakdar (three images below). I'm just getting to know his work, and have come across some really exciting pieces. I love the discard feel of this sculpture; it looks like what was left over after someone cutout the pieces they needed. The scruffy brushwork adds to that feeling.  
  This small painting below — I'm sorry I don't have the dimensions, I say it's about 18" high — has some beautiful paint handling and nice color. In the last of the three, which is fairly large (again, I have to guess, about 6 foot high) there is a nice play on Picasso.  
  The three pieces below were from a show awhile ago, but I'm completely in love with this work, so I'm going to mention them; the artist is Josh Podoll, from a show at Feature in May. The technique is really amazing; I believe the insets are airbrushed, but I'm not absolutely certain, which is part of what makes them intriguing; they are exectured so beautifully you want to keep studying them. The contrast between the airbrushy sections and the ground is really striking.  
  In this third piece — I think its on the order of 18" high — the contrast with between the inset area and the airbrushy ground is especially electric. The inner area feels scratchy, almost like TV static while the smooth pink, red and white ground really sets it off.  

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